About This Webinar

Introducing Info-Tech Express!

Get your small IT team to action quickly and effectively.

At Info-Tech we understand that small IT organizations face unique challenges not faced by our larger clients. As a result, we have created a new product offering designed specifically for our small enterprise clients. Info-Tech Express focuses on the challenges typically faced by small IT shops and provides solutions that are tailored to their size and scope.

With this webinar we are proud to debut our brand new Info-Tech Express webpage to be followed by a presentation of three new blueprints, designed specifically for our small enterprise members.

Build an IT Strategy for Small Enterprise

IT directors in small IT shops know they need to draft a quick IT strategy to prioritize short- and long-term investments. However, the energy and resources of SE IT shops are consumed providing everyday IT services. Clarify what the organization expects of IT. Operating under the false expectation that IT should strive for innovation can result in wasted resources and unwanted spending.

Build a Right-Sized Service Desk for Small Enterprise

Service managers in small IT organizations often lack the staff, tools, and budget to deliver the quality service that end users expect. They often rely on email, spreadsheets, and homegrown solutions to manage IT requests and resolve device and system issues.

Formalize Project Portfolio Management for Small Enterprise

Many small organizations lack the time, tools, and skill set to engage in traditional project portfolio management (PPM). However, successful PPM doesn’t require additional time or administrative overhead. A right-sized approach to PPM improves project results and business satisfaction without imposing additional load on small IT teams.

Featured Speakers

Barry Cousins

Senior Research Director and Executive Advisor, PPM
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Michel Hebert

Research Director and Executive Advisor, Infrastructure
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Katie Forth

Product Manager, Small Enterprise
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