About This Webinar

As IT leaders you are pressed to unify information policies across the organization and develop a holistic Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to minimize the risk of legal and regulatory implications. No small task.

During this webinar our analyst and panelists discussed the challenges they are facing and shared their key insights. Attendees weighed-in on several key polls and were able to pose questions to the group.

At this webinar we discussed such challenges as:

  • Changes in information governance, regulations, and compliance and their influences on your ILM.
  • Current ILM processes aren’t designed for the large volumes of electronic information inherent in today’s workplace – how is this best tackled?
  • Due to the inability to understand how to best secure/dispose of information, your organization may be exposed to risk of unsecure information; resulting in potential large fines and penalties.

This is an On-Demand webinar:

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