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Implementing a Shared Services Model

Many companies seek to achieve cost control through the implementation of a shared services model, however, they do not fully understand the set of risks associated with pursuing shared services delivery.

Before moving to implement a shared services model, an organization should evaluate what benefits and what potential risks will arise from the process. Often, organizations do not consider all of the potential adverse outcomes that can ruin business and IT alignment, before seeking to create a shared services delivery model.

We discussed:

  • What types of risk are associated with implementing a shared services model?
  • How can an organization assess whether or not their current business model would support the movement to a shared services model?
  • What are possible risk mitigation techniques that a company can take?
  • How is the relationship between your shared service operation and the rest of the organization managed?
  • What are the value-adds that your organization will achieve with a shared services model?

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Featured Speaker

Maggie Hao

Manager, Infrastructure
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