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Implement Enterprise Mobility Management

Craft an EMM plan that solves today’s problems and avoids tomorrow’s.

Mobile device management (MDM) technology is increasingly ill-equipped to address evolving mobility requirements. EMM has been proffered as the solution to our end-user computing woes.

Today, requirements for managing mobility extend beyond the device itself to disparate mobile priorities such as integrating mobile application management (MAM), mobile information management (MIM), and telecom expense management (TEM). Infrastructure managers are faced with an increasingly complex menu of tools and services that claim to provide end-user computing solutions, including EMM.

We explored the following to help us understand the research landscape:

  • What common mobility management problems can EMM solve?
  • What mistakes are common when implementing EMM?
  • How can EMM help separate work and personal in BYOD or COPE environments?
  • What will the proliferation of connected devices mean for end-user computing and the sustainability of EMM tools?

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