About This Webinar

Implement and Optimize an Effective Security Metrics Program

You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Security metrics are notoriously difficult to track, but by right-sizing the scope, a comprehensive metrics program can be feasibly implemented in organizations to meet various business goals.

As security threats continue to become a growing concern in every organization, it makes sense to consider implementing a formal metrics program. So many metrics are embedded in security and risk space, making it difficult to determine which ones are relevant for your organization, while supporting your business and security goals. From basic to advanced metrics, how can you effectively track and report the metrics to reap the benefits, including visibility into your network, risk avoidance, and quantitative support for security investments?

We explored the following to help us understand the research landscape:

  • What value does tracking security metrics add to your organization?
  • Why are security metrics so challenging to track?
  • What are some useful strategies to effectively track them?
  • What strategies should be used to communicate metrics with stakeholders?

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