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Understanding the need for a robust data management practice to support a great BI practice is the way to ensure the results of your BI/BA activities yield accurate and meaningful results. “If excellent decision support through BI is the destination, then great data management is the journey.”

The challenge is that many of our members either don’t have any BI tools and are chomping at the bit to buy a silver bullet to solve their needs, or they have a proliferation of tools that duplicate efforts and don’t support cohesive, enterprise-wide BI.

The purpose of the webinar is to show the best approach to gather needs for BI initiatives, how to identify the right data and information assets to support the BI request, and how all this informs a good data management practice for building trustworthy data for operational, tactical, and ad hoc business needs including BI.

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Steven Wilson

Senior Research Director and Executive Advisor, BI & Data
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