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Focus your mobile apps on high performance

The business implicitly demands it.

Disruptions caused by mobile applications are no longer an option for your business.

Mobile is a key part of today’s business operations. Underperforming mobile applications can affect revenue, reputation, and productivity. While the mobile cloud convergence trend can help with performance offloading and mobile development/testing tools are rapidly getting better, it is still not always clear or easy to know where or how to improve performance of mobile apps. This ambiguity is no longer acceptable and ignoring it will only lead to the inevitable consequence of irrelevance in future organizational mobile strategies.
We explored the following to help us understand this challenging landscape:
  • Ways to improve mobile app performance.
  • Some useful testing techniques for testing mobile app performance.
  • Tying mobile app performance to business priorities.

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Featured Speaker

Altaz Valani

Senior Research Director and Executive Advisor, Applications
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