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Extend the Service Desk to the Enterprise

The Enterprise Service Desk: One solution to rule them all.

IT’s internal customers stand to benefit from integrating their customer service tasks with the Service Desk. Most departments address customer service tasks in ad hoc ways: the customer may send an e-mail to HR, which gets forwarded to someone else in finance, bouncing back and forth, and sometimes resulting in dozens of messages, a heavy request volume, and a complicated redundancies.

The upshot is slow response times and frustrated end users.
IT can be the standard bearer for a better way. Extending the Service Desk model to the enterprise is an easy way to:
  • Prioritize requests within and between departments.
  • Measure, track and analyze problems.
  • Enable efficient resource allocation.


During the first 15 minutes of this webinar, Sandi reviewed key insights from a recently published piece of research "Standardize the Service Desk."

After this, Sandi and her invited subject-matter expert, discussed our main topic "Extend the Service Desk to the Enterprise."

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