About This Webinar

Establish a Concrete ERP Foundation

Do you know what it takes to build a successful ERP project? Getting your ERP project off the ground starts with a stakeholder-aligned blueprint.

Establish a foundational strategy for ERP that encompasses business success metrics, stakeholder consensus and executive sponsorship, and a process-oriented operating model. Align the goals, objectives and metrics of your ERP initiative with organizational objectives to maximize the potential for full benefits realization. Provide IT with the tools needed to sell and deliver this critical project to the business.

ERP projects impact the entire organization and is not limited to just financial and operating metrics. The disruption is felt during both implementation and in the production environment.

Organizations often do not know where to start with an ERP project. They embark tactically on planning the start of the project but ignore the strategic foundation that sets the ERP up for success.

The outcome of the ERP project is completely dependent on the foundation established at the outset. Missteps early on can cost, time, financial resources, and careers.

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