About This Webinar

Develop Mobile Apps That Help the Business

Aim your mobile development at productivity gains.

You already know how to do mobile development. Now build on this to create apps that take advantage of the mobile context.

You want to create mobile apps that take advantage of mobile specific capabilities. That includes app categories like location-based services, augmented reality, and others. You have a strong mobile development team in place but don’t know how to move forward. Should you consider certain categories of development tools or APIs? What architectures exist for these types of apps?

We explored the following to help us understand this landscape:

  • What frameworks exist for these new mobile apps?
  • Who are the key players in each of these areas?
  • What are the challenges with developing such applications?
  • What are some examples of success?

During the first 15 minutes of this webinar, Altaz reviewed key insights from a recently published piece of research, "Choose the Right Development Platform for Enterprise Mobile Applications."

After this, Altaz and his invited subject-matter expert discussed our main topic "Develop Mobile Apps That Help the Business."

Featured Speaker

Altaz Valani

Senior Research Director and Executive Advisor, Applications
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