Develop a Service Desk Consolidation Strategy

This webinar occured on July 30, 2015

About This Webinar

Develop a Service Desk Consolidation Strategy

Manage the dark side of growth to reduce cost and improve customer service.

Every organization must grow to survive, and relies heavily on IT infrastructure to do that.

Good growth makes organizations more agile, competitive, and leads to further growth. However, growth also has a dark side.

A hallmark of bad growth in IT is the proliferation of redundant, costly, and often incompatible ITSM services and processes.

As organizations grow organically and through mergers, their IT functions create multiple service desks across the enterprise to support:

  • Large, diverse user constituencies.
  • Rapidly increasing call volumes.
  • Broader geographic coverage.
  • A growing range of products and services.
The purpose of this project is to help medium and large organizations develop a strategy to consolidate service desks without compromising operational support.

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