Data Governance: Implement an Effective Plan

This webinar occured on August 28, 2014

About This Webinar

Implement Effective Data Governance

Govern your data as an asset or it will become a liability.

Organizations are consistently relying on data to inform their decisions. Without reliable data or with insufficient data, business leaders are bound to make poor decisions that will negatively impact the health of the organization. In order for organizations to benefit from their data they must start by governing their data as a set of tangible, high-value assets. This research will help the CIO implement a strategic data governance program to effectively manage and control the people, processes, and technology involved in data management within IT and across the organization. 

During this webinar we discussed:

  • Establishing the value of data governance.
  • Identifying how to identify and assess data problem areas.
  • Identifying the most important data governance activities and putting processes in place to carry out key management practices.
  • Building a set of metrics and KPIs to monitor data governance.

This is an On-Demand webinar:

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George Barckley
Chief Data Officer
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Todd Goldman
Vice President and General Manager, Enterprise Data Integration and Data Quality
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Shari Lava
Associate VP, Vendor Research
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