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Create an IT Steering Committee that Works

Don’t talk about decisions, make them. Have the right people making the right decisions.

The ineffectiveness of many IT Steering Committees is often attributable to one of two things: One, a lack of executive participation leaves IT in the tough position of deciding which initiatives will best support the business. Two, IT Steering Committees often take on too many responsibilities instead of restricting their scope to critical, strategic initiatives. How can an IT leader get the right people involved and determine what the committee needs to do to best suit their organization?
We explored the following to help us understand the research landscape:
  • What are common challenges faced by IT Steering Committees?
  • What decisions should be made by the IT steering committee?
  • Who should be members of the IT steering committee?
  • How do you keep members engaged in the steering committee?

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Featured Speaker

Carlene McCubbin

Research Director and Executive Advisor, CIO
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