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Many IT projects fail because planning fixates on technology and underestimates the importance of organizational change. Human behavior tends to be a planning blind spot, especially for IT professionals with technology backgrounds. People don’t follow rules and instructions in the same prescribed and predictable way that technology does. To ensure project success and maximize benefits, you need to set aside time to plan and facilitate the “soft” side of organizational change.

We discussed the following challenges and possible solutions:

  • How can you prevent users from refusing or failing to adopt new systems and policies?
  • What can be done to counteract the costs due to post-implementation help desk volume, retraining, ongoing design, or functionality and change requests (or worse, full roll-back)?
  • How can you ensure IT's ability to successfully manage change and avoid the erosion of IT’s ability to work with the business?

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Featured Speaker

Barry Cousins

Senior Research Director and Executive Advisor, PPM
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