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During the first 15 minutes of this webinar, Frank reviewed key insights from a recently published piece of research "Develop a Business Continuity Plan."

After this, Frank and his invited subject-matter expert discussed our main topic "Business Continuity: Develop a Test Plan."

Business Continuity: Develop a Test Plan

Testing does not need to be disruptive to your business. Don’t let your first test be your next crisis.

A variety of testing methodologies, from tabletop planning to simulations, enable organizations to test their plans without disrupting their business. A full-scale test is not practical for all organizations. The key is to develop an appropriate test plan for your organization, and then leveraging your test results to refine your plans.

Common challenges with business continuity testing:

  • Non-disruptive testing methodologies.
  • Disruptive testing (e.g. full-scale testing).
  • Leveraging test results to improve your BCP.

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Frank Trovato

Research Director and Executive Advisor, Infrastructure
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