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Build the Ultimate IT Operating Model

It’s time to open the black box of IT.

IT departments without a defined, effective operating model are often unable to explain how IT enables the business. A good operating model can be used to demonstrate IT’s value, and help the CIO identify gaps between what IT does and what the organization needs. Developing a good operating model will highlight the capabilities that IT must invest in to better serve the business.

We explored the following to help us understand the research landscape:

  • What an IT operating model is and how it provides value to the organization.
  • How the business might use an IT operating model.
  • How flexible an operating model needs to be.
  • Benefits of a defined operating model.
  • Initiatives that can be undertaken to build a strong operating model.

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Featured Speaker

Abiella Schneider-Friedman

Director, CIO and Vendor Practice
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