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Asset management is a long-term discipline. Most organizations do not have a true asset management program. The critical problem is where to start to gain momentum and show value to adopting long-term asset management best practices.

Typical triggers include:

  • Software audits from vendors.
  • An executive mandate to reduce costs.
  • Hardware refresh cycles-this is necessary even in highly virtualized environments.
  • Software updating and licence usage.
  • A need to understand the current software and infrastructure baselines as a basis for moving to SaaS or managed apps (e.g. the move to Office 365).

By incorporating asset management best practices you could experience:

  • Reduce hardware asset costs by 20% through clear inventory management.
  • Reduce software costs by up to 30% through rationalization of the software portfolio.
  • Mitigate the risk of vendor audits.
  • Ease IT projects through visibility into the existing assets and infrastructure
    capacity (Budgeting, capacity planning, contract negotiation (ERP, ECM,

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Sandi Conrad

Practice Lead, Infrastructure & Operations
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