CUSTOMER STORY: TERRI-ANNE CRAWFORD, CIO, Office of Joe G. Tedder, Tax Collector for Polk County

A CIO’s Commitment to Customer Service in Government

Simplifying doing business with citizens and earning the public’s trust and confidence

At the Office of Joe G. Tedder, Tax Collector for Polk County, Florida, experienced IT executive Terri-Anne Crawford provides technology leadership. Her leadership supports the agency’s vision of treating customers with the utmost professionalism and concern, ultimately changing their perception of government. The agency’s mission is to earn the public’s trust and confidence by focusing on process improvement, measurement, and efficiencies – a commitment that Crawford’s experience and expertise take to the next level.

Bringing her experience in a very large organization to the table, Crawford took charge of implementing standard IT processes with a much smaller (but agile) staff. Crawford leaned on IT research and advice from Info-Tech Research Group to provide a framework for the agency’s IT strategic planning, driving data-driven decision making and effective measurement to support the organization’s customer-focused mission.

Info-Tech analysts helped Crawford execute several initiatives, including developing a social media strategy, establishing a business intelligence strategy, creating guidelines for selecting tools and technologies, and defining processes to review software contracts.

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Terri-Anne Crawford, CIO Office of Joe G. Tedder, Tax Collector for Polk County


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Info-Tech expert guidance and services help provide roadmap to success

Among the Info-Tech resources leveraged by Crawford, one of the first was the Contract Review services. This engagement helped save significant money and time, allowing the agency to reinvest in services to support the overall objectives.

After this initial success, Crawford was sold on the services available from Info-Tech. Shortly after, Crawford engaged Info-Tech to facilitate an onsite requirements gathering workshop to move toward a standard process and improve the way the department approached projects. The templates from the workshop saved the agency time and money, allowing IT to move on quickly to new projects. When it came time to select a new tax and accounting system that would be used by everyone in the organization, the Tax Collector team turned to Info-Tech once again to review their requirements and RFP and help define the supplier selection process.

Later, when developing and implementing a business intelligence (BI) program to elevate the agency’s mission, the team used Info-Tech’s Business Intelligence blueprint to achieve success in key metrics. For instance, two of the agency’s goals are to see all customers within 20 minutes of arrival and see customers with appointments for driver’s license services within 10 minutes of arrival. The BI program provided invaluable data for making operational and strategic decisions, allowing for quick responses to customer needs and visibility into action impact.

Delivering on the ultimate goal of earning the public’s trust and confidence

To ensure they provide continuous improvement on the services they deliver, the IT team measures business satisfaction by leveraging Info-Tech’s CIO Business Vision diagnostic, a high impact program that provides detailed report cards on business satisfaction with IT’s core services. This diagnostic was a perfect fit for an organization that was already measuring employee and customer satisfaction through annual surveys, and it provided Crawford with an annual measure to review during strategic planning and allowed for necessary adjustments.

Timely delivery of citizen services, conservation of resources, agile innovation, and creative problem solving were some of the core results delivered by Crawford and her team.

At the Office of Joe G. Tedder, Tax Collector for Polk County, the IT team demonstrated value by delivering the highest degree of efficiency and transparency through technology implementations that drove high levels of performance and accountability. By carefully implementing technology that helps achieve the agency’s mission of earning the public’s trust and confidence, Crawford was able to help the organization measure its success, holistically improve, gain stakeholder satisfaction, and improve future performance.

“We first approach projects by considering how our action will impact the public, encourage their trust and confidence in the organization, and ultimately change their perception of government. My personal commitment to Joe and the entire organization is to enable the organization’s mission, vision, and values.”

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