Service Benefits


Identify top spend AWS services.

Identify the services you're spending the most on.


Reduce spend on each service.

Document how to reduce the cost of each of your top spend services.


Train your team.

Distribute a "cheat sheet" to your team explaining to them what factors drive costs and how to make AWS spend more efficient.

Slash AWS Costs 30-50%

Our Perspective

Focus on top spend services.

Most of your costs will come from only a few AWS services. Optimize costs for these services first.

Understand cost drivers.

Each service has unique considerations for optimizing cost. It's impossible to optimize without a clear understanding of the factors at play.

Beware data transfer.

Data transfer fees are complex, frequently overlooked, and can add a huge amount to your bill.

Service Overview

Identify top spend services.

Analyst will focus the discussion on the services contributing most to your AWS bill.

Identify cost drivers for each service.

For each of the top services, make note of factors that influence the cost.

Document how to reduce costs.

Document ways to reduce the cost paid for the each of the top spend services.

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