Service Benefits


Identify Key Gaps in Current Strategy

Pinpoint what components are missing or need improvement from your current IT Strategy.


Improve Visual Appeal and Logical Flow

Add improvements to IT strategy in terms of visual appeal and logical flow to ensure it gets consumed by its intended audience.


Demonstrate Strategic Business Alignment

Raise alignment with the business by having an enhanced IT strategy that is forward-looking and realistic.

IT Strategy Review

Our Perspective

It’s about improvements.

All IT strategies can be improved over time. The most important value of this exercise is the improvements documented. Do not be fixated on the grade received for each section, prioritize addressing the recommendations generated.

The IT strategy is your most important document

The IT strategy is the most important document to improve business alignment. Having an effective IT strategy greatly improves all business alignment key performance indicators versus a non-existent or immature IT strategy.

Audience matters

The audience of your IT strategy will determine its effectiveness. Cater improvements in your IT strategy to the nuances that your audience members would like to see.

Service Overview

Work with Info-Tech to refine your IT Strategy to increase its effectiveness.

Scope the Extent of Review

Work with Info-Tech’s analyst to understand the level of depth for the IT strategy review.

Overall Assessment Review

Review the results of the overall assessment the Info-Tech analyst has conducted.

Walk Through "General" Sectional Assessment

Review the high-level results of the sectional assessment that the Info-Tech analyst has conducted.

Debrief “Specific” Sectional Assessment

Review the specific sections in the sectional assessment that the Info-Tech analyst has conducted.

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