RFP Requirements Worksheet

Use this tool to assist you and your team in documenting the requirements for your RFP.

RFP Calendar and Key Date Tool

This tool provides a job aid in establishing your key RFP dates while tracking the status of meeting these milestone dates.

Consolidated Vendor RFP Response Evaluation Summary

Leverage this tool consolidate your evaluation team's RFP evaluation scores.

Excel Form RFP Tool

The Excel Form RFP is used as an alternative to the other RFP toolsets if you have multiple requirements and have multiple vendors to choose from.

Vendor TCO Tool

Use Info-Tech’s Vendor TCO Tool to normalize each vendor’s pricing proposal and account for the lifetime cost of the product.

SLA Template & Metrics Reference Guide

Use this tool to create basic SLA templates. It contains referenceable SLO metrics for various service types.

SLO Tracker & Trending Tool

Use this tool to track a service provider's SLO attainments and credits.

SLA Evaluation Tool

This tool will allow you to record providers' SLOs and other SLA elements. From there you can rate the SLOs. The tool will provide an overall rating of the SLA.

SLA Checklist

Use this tool to validate that required elements are contained within an SLA.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 User License Assignment Tool

This tool allows you to assign Microsoft Dynamics 365 Base & Attach licenses to your employees and track them.
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