Prepare Now for Your ServiceNow Renewal

ServiceNow’s growth and product diversification clearly indicates the areas in which it needs its customers to engage, grow, and expand. To obtain the best possible...

Public Cloud Vendors in Race to Co-Opt Key Data Center Software Giants

What started with an AWS-VMware partnership to enable data center management capabilities in the IaaS public cloud has progressed into an all-out race by the data center...

Can AI See the Future of RFPs?

Last week, MediaRadar announced a new addition to its suite of tools: RFP Predictor. Using AI, the company hopes to help ad sales teams predict when customers will issue RFPs.

Explore the Secrets of Oracle Cloud Licensing – Storyboard

This storyboard provides a foundational understanding of Oracle cloud products, licensing, and agreements.

Explore the Secrets of Oracle Cloud Licensing

Understanding Oracle’s licensing can be like learning a new language and, to add a twist, the rules of the language change from year to year. The push to the cloud has...
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Explore the Secrets of Oracle Cloud Licensing – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand the importance of having a defined Oracle licensing strategy and why auto-renewing should never be considered an option.

Oracle Cloud Services Agreement Terms and Conditions Evaluation Tool

Use this tool to assess a proposed Oracle cloud contract.

Adobe’s Q1 FY19 Revenue and Earnings Power to New Heights

Adobe’s revenues grew at a rate of 25% to $2.6 billion in the most recent quarter, placing the company on an annualized run rate of about $10 billion! The Magento...

CLM Market Continues Red Hot Growth

The global demand for contract lifecycle management (CLM) solutions is estimated to increase at a compounded annual growth rate of 14% over the next 5 years. If accurate,...

VMware Takes on Cisco and Palo Alto Networks With Announcement of VMware Service-defined Firewall

VMware is delving deeper into the IT security segment with its recent announcement at RSA 2019, unveiling its Service-defined Firewall product. VMware will be competing...
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