Understand Common IT Contract Provisions to Negotiate More Effectively

Info-Tech’s guidance and insights will help you navigate the complex process of contract review and identify the key details necessary to maximize the protections for...
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Explore the Secrets of SAP Digital Access Licensing – Storyboard

This storyboard provides a foundational understanding of SAP licensing, support, and management.

ServiceNow’s New York Release Brings a Price Increase in Disguise

ServiceNow has mastered the art of implementing subtle license changes and price adjustments with each major release of its software, resulting in regular price increases...

Capture and Market the ROI of the VMO – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand why it is important for a VMO to calculate and report the VMO's contribution to the organization.

Proactively Identify and Mitigate Vendor Risk

CIOs are faced with increasing pressure to successfully deliver IT projects that meet business needs on time and within budget while depending on many new and unproven...
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Value Creation Worksheet

Use this tool to calculate the value creation (VC) (Savings, Cost Avoidance, Revenue, Working Capital) as a result of your negotiations.

Make Prudent Decisions When Increasing Your Salesforce Footprint – Phase 3: Evaluate Agreement Options

This phase of the blueprint, Make Prudent Decisions When Increasing Your Salesforce Footprint, will help you learn about Salesforce’s contract types and assess which best...

Microsoft and AT&T Announced a $2B Deal to Run Azure and Office 365

Microsoft has announced that it has beat Amazon Web Services to contract with a very well-known telecommunication brand, AT&T, with significant data storage and services...

Implement a Proactive and Consistent Vendor Selection Process – Phase 2: Gather Requirements and Write RFx

This phase, Gather Requirements and Write RFx, will help you gather and prioritize your requirements, create scenarios and use cases, and then draft and publish an...

Implement a Proactive and Consistent Vendor Selection Process – Phase 3: Evaluate and Select Vendor

This phase, Evaluate and Select Vendor, will help you evaluate vendor proposals, select the best balance of cost and fit, and make a recommendation to management.
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