Strategy - Templates & Policies

RFP Evaluation Guidebook

Use the Evaluation Guidebook to provide oversight and direction to your evaluation team on the governance of evaluating the vendors' proposals.

Vendor Recommendation Presentation

Use the Vendor Recommendation Presentation to present your finalist and obtain final approval to negotiate and execute any agreements.

Lean RFP Template

Use this template to create your Enhanced Request for Information baseline template. Be sure to modify and configure the template to your organization’s specifications.

RFP Evaluation Tool

Use this tool to collect and record the evaluation team's scores for each vendor's response to your Enhanced RFI.

Short-Form RFP Template

Use this Short Form RFP template for a less complex RFP that has relatively basic requirements and perhaps a small window in which the vendors can respond.

Long-Form RFP Template

Use this sample RFP as the basis for your template RFP, taking it all as is or picking and choosing the sections that best meet the mission and objectives of the RFP and...

Software M&S Executive Summary Template

Use this template to present your results of the project to your leadership.

Software M&S Cancellation Support Template

Use this template to present to leadership your validation for cancelling vendor(s) M&S.

Software M&S Cancellation Decision Guide

Use this tool to provide guidance and validation when you consider cancelling a vendor's M&S.

IT Category Plan Review Presentation

Use this tool to review the IT category plan with your stakeholders and to report the ROI of current accomplishments.
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