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Design and Build an Effective Contract Lifecycle Management Process

Understand the immediate benefits associated with a CLM process – even a basic CLM implementation can provide significant cost savings to the organization; reduce time...
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Explore the Secrets of SAP Digital Access Licensing

SAP has made concerted efforts into conducting inquiries, audits, and lawsuits against customers. Understanding SAP’s new rules around indirect access is critical to...
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Identify and Manage Reputational Risk Impacts on Your Organization

Organizations must diligently assess and protect their reputations, both in the market and internally.

Microsoft Dynamics 365: Understand the Transition to the Cloud

Microsoft Dynamics licensing is often one of the top one or two expense items in enterprise software budgets. A move to the cloud may be eminent, but understanding the...
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Secrets of SAP S/4HANA Licensing

SAP was aiming to have much of its client base migrate over to S/4HANA by 2025. Due to the tepid pace of migration by legacy ECC customers, these plans have been pushed...

Slash Spending by Optimizing Your Software Maintenance and Support

This blueprint aims to provide an unbiased overview of the ins and outs of software maintenance & support (M&S), how to assess the cost and value of it to your...
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Implement Your Negotiation Strategy More Effectively

Preparing to negotiate is only half the battle, and successfully implementing your negotiation strategy requires attention to the subtle nuances of the process. However,...
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Improve Your Statements of Work to Hold Your Vendors Accountable

Reviewing and negotiating SOWs can be difficult without the right framework, understanding, and tools. A bad SOW can derail a project through cost and time overruns, poor...
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Cut Cost Through Effective IT Category Planning

An IT category plan identifies the most significant opportunities for IT to cut costs by using a well thought out approach to vendor negotiations that is not reactive or...

Understand Cisco’s Enterprise Agreement for Software

This blueprint will provide you with an overview of how the Cisco Enterprise Software agreement works, the pros and cons, and how to weigh the benefits and features to...
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