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Secrets of SAP S/4HANA Licensing

SAP was aiming to have much of its client base migrate over to S/4HANA by 2025. Due to the tepid pace of migration by legacy ECC customers, these plans have been pushed...

Master the Public Cloud IaaS Acquisition Models

This project will provide IT leadership and procurement teams information to help them understand the basic terminologies of cloud infrastructure, what to look for in an...
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Evaluate and Learn From Your Negotiation Sessions More Effectively

Preparing and implementing a negotiation strategy are key components to a negotiation process, but there is another piece to the puzzle; debriefing after negotiations...
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Modernize Your Microsoft Licensing for the Cloud Era

Understanding Microsoft’s licensing can be like learning a new language and, to add a twist, the rules of the language change from year to year. The push to the cloud has...

Identify and Reduce Agile Contract Risk

Agile methods have achieved a high level of popularity throughout the world. However, the challenge isn’t about adoption rates – it is about successful projects and...
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Maximize Value From Your Value-Added Reseller (VAR)

Organizations typically have numerous VARs with overlapping or redundant services that aren’t fully used and are treated as commodity-type suppliers. Vendor Management...
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Microsoft Dynamics 365: Understand the Transition to the Cloud

Microsoft Dynamics licensing is often one of the top one or two expense items in enterprise software budgets. A move to the cloud may be eminent, but understanding the...
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Price Benchmarking & Negotiation

Many organizations are ill equipped with tools, processes, and price negotiation tactics to optimize their agreements, resulting in increased fees. Turn your next vendor...
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