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Cut Cost Through Effective IT Category Planning

An IT category plan identifies the most significant opportunities for IT to cut costs by using a well thought out approach to vendor negotiations that is not reactive or...

Implement Your Negotiation Strategy More Effectively

Preparing to negotiate is only half the battle, and successfully implementing your negotiation strategy requires attention to the subtle nuances of the process. However,...
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Slash Spending by Optimizing Your Software Maintenance and Support

This blueprint aims to provide an unbiased overview of the ins and outs of software maintenance & support (M&S), how to assess the cost and value of it to your...
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Master the Public Cloud IaaS Acquisition Models

This project will provide IT leadership and procurement teams information to help them understand the basic terminologies of cloud infrastructure, what to look for in an...
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Evaluate and Learn From Your Negotiation Sessions More Effectively

Preparing and implementing a negotiation strategy are key components to a negotiation process, but there is another piece to the puzzle; debriefing after negotiations...
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Identify and Reduce Agile Contract Risk

Agile methods have achieved a high level of popularity throughout the world. However, the challenge isn’t about adoption rates – it is about successful projects and...
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Maximize Value From Your Value-Added Reseller (VAR)

Organizations typically have numerous VARs with overlapping or redundant services that aren’t fully used and are treated as commodity-type suppliers. Vendor Management...
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Price Benchmarking & Negotiation

Many organizations are ill equipped with tools, processes, and price negotiation tactics to optimize their agreements, resulting in increased fees. Turn your next vendor...
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Reduce Risk With Rock-Solid Service-Level Agreements

Customers struggle to understand and evaluate what’s in the SLA and if they are meaningful and to protect their investment. Not understanding the details of SLAs...
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Drive Successful Sourcing Outcomes With a Robust RFP Process

A bad RFP is ineffective and incomplete; it creates more questions than it answers; and, perhaps most importantly, it does not meet your organization expectations. Using...
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