Vendor Management

Microsoft Dynamics 365: Understand the Transition to the Cloud – Phases 1-4

This storyboard will help you understand the Microsoft Dynamics license transition to the cloud, including best timing and associated costs.

Does Your Strategic Vendor Consider You a Strategic Customer?

Whether you are using Info-Tech’s Commodity, Operational, Strategic, Tactical (C.O.S.T.) model to classify your vendors or you arbitrarily label high spend/critical...

Manage Your Vendors Before They Manage You – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand why you need to manage your vendors before they manage you.

VMO ROI Reporting Worksheet

Use this worksheet to create VMO stakeholder report graphs.

Microsoft Cloud Services Usage Surges 775% for Teams in Regions With Enforced Social Distancing – Part 2

Experiencing issues when using Microsoft online services? You are not alone. Capacity constraints were being hit, pre-COVID-19, and usage has surged in regions with...

Proactively Identify and Mitigate Vendor Risk – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand the importance of proactive vendor risk management.

Can a Vendor Management Initiative Influence Organizational Performance?

Can a vendor management initiative influence organizational performance? The concise answer to this question is yes. However, this influence doesn’t occur overnight.

Security or Quality…Why Can’t I Have Both?

A recent survey sponsored by SAI Global indicates that consumers value data protection over quality. According to the results, three quarters of the respondents said they...

Do you have information on SOA and ESB, including vendors and best practices?

The reality is that although SOA (and related technologies) have been around for a number of years, the adoption rate is still fairly small. The reason for that is that...

CLM Maturity Assessment Tool

This tool will help you measure the maturity level of every stage of your current contract lifecycle management (CLM) processes.
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