Vendor Management

VMO ROI Calculator and Tracker

Use this tool to select the ROI components you will use to calculate the VMO's ROI and to track ROI contributions throughout the measurement period. The VMO ROI...

Webinar: IT Vendor Cost-Reduction Planning

IT needs to implement proactive measures to reduce costs with immediate results. During this session we will go through a tactical and strategic approach to IT expense...

Vendor Executive Report Summary Template

Your executives will be meeting with your vendor’s executives from time to time. As a vendor manager, you should be in a position to provide your executives with a...

Slack’s Outages Cost $8.2M in Service Credits, Erodes Customer Trust

Slack's first earnings release as a publicly-traded company beat expectations on revenue and growth projections. However, a significant outage of the service in July may...

When It Comes to Contract Clauses, Equal Is Not Always Equitable

Many contract reviewers and negotiators often assume that terms and conditions applicable to both parties must be identical or mirror each other. Nothing could be further...

Project Plan for the First 100 Days – Draft Template

Use this tool to draft a project plan for the "first 100 days" of your VMI.

Ivanti Changes Direction: It Has Installed New Leadership With Experience in Enterprise Software, Mergers & Acquisitions

Clearlake Capital is shaking up Ivanti’s leadership. Expect greater focus on efficiency and acquisitions beyond ITSM and IT operations.

Demystify Oracle Licensing and Optimize Spend – Phases 1-4

This storyboard provides a foundational understanding of Oracle licensing, support, and management.

Design and Build an Effective Contract Lifecycle Management Process – Phase 1: Master the Operational Framework of CLM

This phase will help you to understand how the basic operational framework will ensure cost savings, improved collaboration, and constant CLM improvement.

Microsoft Dynamics 365: Understand the Transition to the Cloud

Microsoft Dynamics licensing is often one of the top one or two expense items in enterprise software budgets. A move to the cloud may be eminent, but understanding the...
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