Vendor Management

Existing CRM-AX License Summary Worksheet

This tool will help you summarize all your current CRM or AX licenses and annual costs into one list for use in mapping them to Dynamics 365 cloud-user or plan licenses.

B-lay’s Java Health Check Service Enables a Proactive Response to Oracle License Changes

With over 15 billion installs of Java, it is highly likely that your organization has at least one, if not several, applications dependent on Java updates for bug fixes...

A New Way to Buy Microsoft Azure Services

Microsoft is changing the way that customers will buy Azure Services with a new procurement program called the Microsoft Customer Agreement. This new, slimmed down,...

Meeting Cost Estimator

Use this tool to determine the cost of your vendor-related meetings.

Establish a Sustainable Vendor Management Office – Phase 3: Develop Vendor Management Governance

This phase of the blueprint, Develop Vendor Management Governance, will help you establish your vendor management value proposition and gain stakeholder buy-in.

Does COVID-19 Activate Force Majeure in Your Contracts?

Check your contracts and you will find that the vast majority contain a force majeure clause. This provision states the conditions by which a party does not have to...

Vendor Risk Management Program Manual

The Vendor Risk Management Program Manual will help you document your vendor risk management program to complement the IT risk management program.

SAP’s S/4HANA License Schemes Are Confusing Customers

SAP’s native-cloud play through S/4HANA dangled the hopes of a simplified license structure to SAP customers. Instead, SAP customers now must navigate four distinct...

Master the MSA for Your Managed Services Providers – Storyboard

This storyboard will help you negotiate an agreement with managed services providers that will meet business and IT needs.

Contract or SOW Guide

Use this tool to establish a standard approach for which provisions go in the master agreement and which go in the SOW.
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