Vendor Management

Establish a Sustainable Vendor Management Office

Taking a proactive approach to managing your vendors will help to negotiate relationships where everyone’s best interests are accommodated. This approach begins by laying...
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Establish a Sustainable Vendor Management Office – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand why you need a formalized vendor management process.

Establish a Sustainable Vendor Management Office – Phase 1: Define Vendor Management Strategy

This phase of the blueprint, Define Vendor Management Strategy, will help you define vendor management for your organization and complete a strategic roadmap that defines...

Vendor Management Strategic Roadmap

Info-Tech’s VM Strategic Roadmap tool will help you design and document decisions about your VMO.

SAP-Qualtric Acquisition Seeks to Connect the Xs and Os

SAP’s Qualtrics acquisition, just before its IPO went live, was completed in January 2019 for an all-cash price of $8B; its second-largest acquisition ever behind the...

Clearing the Purple Haze of Identifying Green Risk

Going green may be good for the environment, but it is often costly for vendors and hard for customers to determine a vendor’s “green-ness.” Moody’s Investors Service is...

SAP Presents a Generational Opportunity to Re-Negotiate Your ERP Contracts

The confluence of SAP’s Digital Access outcome-based license model, a massive push for S/4HANA adoption, and the continuing growth of SAP’s cloud offerings present a...

VMO ROI Stakeholder Report Template

Use this report template to demonstrate your VMO ROI to leadership and stakeholders.

IT Spend Analytics

IT spend analytics is a cornerstone or foundation to any VMO comprehension of the vendor landscape.

VMO ROI Reporting Worksheet

Use this worksheet to create VMO stakeholder report graphs.
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