Vendor Management - Tools

Vendor Inventory and Prioritization Tool

This tool will help you create a prioritized inventory of your vendors.

Effectively Manage Cloud Vendors Checklist

As cloud services become more prevalent, cloud customers need to learn to effectively manage their numerous new relationships with cloud service providers. This checklist...

Mid-Market Service Desk Vendor Shortlist Tool

Use this tool to build a shortlist of best-fit service desk tools for the enterprise based on your requirements.

IBM Passport Advantage Software RFQ Template

Use this tool to ensure that all relevant data is provided to IBM or your reseller for your purchase.

IBM 3-Year Bundled Price Analysis Tool

Use this tool to determine if IBM is offering you a good deal and whether or not a longer agreement will reduce costs.

Vendor Management Strategic Roadmap

Info-Tech’s VM Strategic Roadmap tool will help you design and document decisions about your VMO.

Vendor Management Competency Framework

The Vendor Management Competency Framework tool will help you determine which competencies are a priority for your vendor management organizational needs and which...

Adobe ETLA vs. VIP Pricing Table

Use this tool to calculate your ETLA costs and compare them to VIP costs.

Vendor Pricing Tool

When comparing the total cost of ownership of each vendor’s price proposal, knowing the breakdown of each component of the total price is crucial. Provide vendors with a...

Oracle Terms & Conditions Evaluation Tool

Use this tool to assess a proposed Oracle contract.
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