Vendor Management - Blueprints

Master the MSA for Your Managed Services Providers

IT organizations are becoming more reliant on managed services and products to meet internal and external needs. By understanding managed services providers, including...
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Explore the Secrets of Oracle Cloud Licensing

Understanding Oracle’s licensing can be like learning a new language and, to add a twist, the rules of the language change from year to year. The push to the cloud has...
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Capture and Market the ROI of Your VMO

Calculating the impact or value of a vendor management office (VMO) can be difficult without the right framework and tools. In addition to quantifying the VMO’s...
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Explore the Secrets of SAP Digital Access Licensing

SAP has made concerted efforts into conducting inquiries, audits, and lawsuits against customers. Understanding SAP’s new rules around indirect access is critical to...
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Understand Common IT Contract Provisions to Negotiate More Effectively

Info-Tech’s guidance and insights will help you navigate the complex process of contract review and identify the key details necessary to maximize the protections for...
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Improve Your Statements of Work to Hold Your Vendors Accountable

Reviewing and negotiating SOWs can be difficult without the right framework, understanding, and tools. A bad SOW can derail a project through cost and time overruns, poor...
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Design and Build an Effective Contract Lifecycle Management Process

Understand the immediate benefits associated with a CLM process – even a basic CLM implementation can provide significant cost savings to the organization; reduce time...
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Prepare for Negotiations More Effectively

Good negotiations start with good preparation. However, this critical stage of negotiations is often overlooked and undervalued. Spending more time on this stage (and...
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Explore the Secrets of Workday Licensing

Workday is an evolving product with a managed partner ecosystem and good development roadmap. As a new customer, think deeply about necessary process changes, test...
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Cut Cost Through Effective IT Category Planning

An IT category plan identifies the most significant opportunities for IT to cut costs by using a well thought out approach to vendor negotiations that is not reactive or...
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