Data Loss Prevention Strategy Planner

This tool helps you to identify and prioritize your data types and cloud environments and decide appropriate data loss prevention settings to protect that data.

Hitchhiker's Guide to Vendor Management Tools

​The tabs in this toolkit have been gathered from Info-Tech's comprehensive Vendor Management blueprints and consolidated here for an easy-to-use and easy-to-manage...

Strategic Portfolio Management Needs Assessment

Use this Excel workbook to determine if your organization can benefit from the features and functionality of a strategic portfolio management tool.

Business and Buyer Alignment Worksheet

This tool helps companies align business needs with the needs of the customers in order to ensure a successful website redesign.

Website Content Audit Worksheet

This tool provides marketers with a way to conduct a content audit of their website and then plan for website redesign content updates.

Website Redesign Project Plan Tool

This is a project plan tool that companies can use for their website redesign. This tool should be used after the alignment of stakeholders' goals and needs.

Website Redesign Budget Tool

This workbook is designed to help digital marketing leaders budget for a website redesign.

Website Redesign Executive Presentation Template

This template communicates the elements of the website redesign to your organization and, specifically, the stakeholders.

Website Diagnostic Tool

This tool provides a quick and accurate website diagnostic. The results from this diagnostic will help a company understand if a website redesign is necessary.

Scale Business Process Automation Readiness Assessment

Use this tool as part of the Scale Business Process Automation blueprint to evaluate your readiness to scale business process automation.
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