Solution Sets

Domino – Maintain, Commit to, or Vacate?

​Believe it or not, Domino and Notes are still options to consider when determining a migration strategy. With HCL still committed to the platform, there are options...

Build an IT Succession Plan

Key roles hold an organization’s most valued knowledge and skills. In the worst cast scenario, a key employee’s departure results in loss of valuable knowledge, core...
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Engineer Your Event Management Process

Reduce response times to solve (potential) incidents when system performance degrades. Build an event management practice where infrastructure and operations can rely on...
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Build an Effective Data Retention Program

This research will help you to determine data retention requirements, create a retention schedule, identify at-risk data, and manage manual data deletion.
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Equip Managers to Effectively Manage Virtual Teams

Virtual work arrangements are increasing, and in many organizations having virtual team members is business as usual. Training managers to become more planful and adjust...
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Navigate Zero-Trust Security in Healthcare

Achieving zero-trust is an iterative process that involves a range of capabilities and requires stakeholders to be committed to improving a healthcare organization’s...

Adopting e-Signature

Organizations are expected to offer digital, self-serve experiences, including approving important transactions, especially with modern businesses embracing flexible work...

Get the Most Out of Your SAP

An SAP system is one of the most expensive software purchases a company will make. It is essential to the organization and therefore usage of the ERP needs to be maximized.
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Get the Most Out of Workday

Workday is expensive, benefits can be difficult to quantify, and optimization can be difficult to navigate. Take a proactive approach to continually monitor and optimize...
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Off-Field Data Reference Architecture

Establish a working group to determine your current-state off-field data architecture and discover data-driven digital opportunities for value creation. Build a...
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