Templates & Policies - Templates & Policies

Agile Playbook Template

Use the Agile Playbook Template in conjunction with the blueprint, Implement Agile Practices That Work, to document the processes, scope, and rollout of your Agile...

Operations Security Policy – ISO

The purpose of this policy is to ensure the secure operations of information processing facilities within and related to an organization.

Mobile Performance Test Plan Template

Use the Mobile Performance Test Plan Template in conjunction with the Blueprint, Develop Enterprise Mobile Applications With Realistic and Relevant Performance to...

Software Request Form

The software request form outlines the approval process for requesting the installation of software on end-user devices.

Product Delivery Strategy Template

This template will serve as your document of your product delivery strategy.

Product Delivery Strategy — Completed Example

This document is a completed example of a product delivery strategy.

Retention Guidelines for Department Stewards

The retention guidelines for department stewards will outline guidance for the retention and disposition of corporate information and records.

Data Entry and Provenance Policy

The data entry and provenance policy will outline the responsibilities for maintaining the integrity and quality of data and provenance data used to inform corporate...
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