Remote Access Policy

The remote access policy creates restrictions for connecting to a company’s internal network from external hosts via remote access technology or for utilizing the...

Consultant Evaluation Matrix

Apply Info-Tech's consultant evaluation matrix to help you hire the perfect consultant.

GPS Cell Phone Policy

The GPS Cell Phone policy allows employees to do their jobs effectively. This policy supports the guidelines for appropriate use and other administrative issues relating...

Best-Practice Checklist for Virtual Meetings

Download this best practices checklist and share it with your staff to improve the quality and utility of virtual meetings.

IT Contract Template

Use this IT contract template to help you draft comprehensive working agreements.

Limited Personal Use of Network Resources Policy

The limited personal use of network resources policy outlines the standards for appropriate usage of corporate network resources.

Anti-Harassment Policy

The anti-harassment policy outlines the standards for preventing and dealing with harassment cases in the workplace.

Telework Policy

The telework policy will outline the standards and procedures for employees planning to work at home or another secondary work site location (telework).

Overtime Policy

The overtime policy will outline the standards for regular employee eligibility and compensation for overtime.

Upward Feedback

Download this upward feedback template and use it to improve your performance review process.
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