ARP Funding and Security Considerations for Internet of Things and Operational Technology

ARP funding can open up a wealth of opportunities, including the acquisition of IoT and OT to offer remote monitoring and automation of your key infrastructure services....

Respond to the HAFNIUM-Microsoft Exchange Attack

The HAFNIUM attack on Microsoft Exchange has left organizations reeling, and information sources are somewhat confusing as to the seriousness of the attack, what one...

Lessons From the Microsoft Exchange Server Attack

State-sponsored cybercrime rears its ugly head – again.

Chronicle Expands Its North American Presence by Partnering With Herjavec Group

Chronicle, Alphabet’s enterprise security company, expands its North American partner base with Herjavec Group, its first Canadian partner. Herjavec Group is the first...

KPI Development Worksheets

This tool will help you practice developing key performance indicators for various types of metrics based on your program's goals.

Security Metrics Determination and Tracking Tool

This tool will help you determine your security program goals and develop a key performance indicators to measure your progress on those goals.

Build a Security Metrics Program to Drive Maturity

Many security leaders put off adding metrics to their program because they don't know where to start or how to assess what is worth measuring.
  • guided implementation icon

Build a Security Metrics Program to Drive Maturity – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand why developing a security metrics program is beneficial, achievable, and relatively simple.

Build a Security Metrics Program to Drive Maturity – Phases 1-2

This blueprint will help you set SMART goals and metrics to measure your progress, as well as develop reporting strategies for various metric types.

Build a Security Metrics Program to Drive Maturity – Phase 2: Adapt Your Reporting Strategy for Various Metric Types

This phase of the blueprint, Build a Security Metrics Program to Drive Maturity, will help you create a reporting strategy for various types of metrics.
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