Security Technology & Operations - Storyboard

Develop a Security Operations Strategy – Phase 3: Define Operational Interdependencies

Formalize all operational initiatives by developing a sourcing strategy, measurement program, and implementation roadmap unique to your organization.

Develop a Security Operations Strategy – Phase 2: Develop Maturity Initiatives

Begin developing and prioritizing gap initiatives in order to achieve the optimal state of operations.

Develop a Security Operations Strategy – Phase 1: Assess Operational Requirements

Assess current prevention, detection, analysis, and response capabilities.

Develop a Security Operations Strategy – Phases 1-3

Threat management has become resource-intensive, requiring continuous monitoring, collection, and analysis of significant volumes of event data. Implement a next-gen...

Storyboard: Establish an Effective System of Internal IT Controls to Mitigate Risks

This Blueprint will help you establish a well-designed system of internal controls that helps the IT department operate as intended by mitigating its greatest risks.
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