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Build Your Security Operations Program From the Ground Up – Phase 3: Design Your Target State

This phase of the blueprint, Build Your Security Operations From the Ground Up, will help you design a target state and improve your governance and policy solutions.

Select and Implement a Next Generation Endpoint Protection Solution – Phases 1-3

Endpoint protection is an ever-consolidating market of security controls. Stay up to date; define the endpoint protection strategy and feature set that best aligns with...

Select and Implement A Next Generation Endpoint Protection Solution – Phase 1: Create an Effective Endpoint Protection Strategy

Assess the use-case and corresponding feature-set that best aligns with the organizational landscape.

Select and Implement a Next Generation Endpoint Protection Solution – Phase 2: Select an Endpoint Protection Solution

Streamline the endpoint procurement process by identifying the vendor that best satisfies the use-case criteria.

Select and Implement a Next Generation Endpoint Protection Solution – Phase 3: Implement and Manage Your Endpoint Protection Solution

Prepare for the EPP implementation and measure the value of the solution.

Integrate Threat Intelligence Into Your Security Operations – Phase 4: Design a Collaboration and Feedback Program

Stand up an intelligence dissemination and feedback program.

Develop a Security Operations Strategy – Phases 1-3

Threat management has become resource-intensive, requiring continuous monitoring, collection, and analysis of significant volumes of event data. Implement a next-gen...

Mature Your Identity and Access Management Program – Phases 1-3

This storyboard will help you improve the organization's identity and access management practices by using the Identity Lifecycle as a framework.

Assess and Govern Identity Security – Phases 1-2

A step-by-step document that walks you through how to properly inventory your identity types, repositories, threats, and mitigations.

Reinforce End-User Security Awareness During Your COVID-19 Response Storyboard

Augment your security and training program with considerations for remote users during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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