Secure Operations in High-Risk Jurisdictions – Phases 1-3

Use this storyboard to build a process that will identify, assess, and address information security and privacy risks in high-risk jurisdictions.

Secure Operations in High-Risk Jurisdictions

Security leaders who support operations in high-risk jurisdictions contend with unique risk scenarios, including local compliance risk, high-risk travel, and telework...
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Budget 2022: Support for Canadian Federal Government Departments and Agencies for Cybersecurity and Fighting Misinformation

Canada’s 2022 Federal Government budget outlined increases in spending for cybersecurity improvements. How those funds are used to protect Canadian departments and Crown...

Security Priorities for 2022 Report

Security Priorities 2022 identifies what CISOs should be focusing on this year and how they can take action.

Security Priorities 2022

The Security Priorities 2022 report identifies what CISOs should be focusing on this year and how to take action.

Security Awareness Month Materials

October is Security Awareness Month and we’ve built four decks for you to share. Use these decks to remind your end users of security best practices.

Threat Preparedness Using MITRE ATT&CK® – Phase 3: Execute Remediation and Detective Measures

This part of the blueprint Threat Preparedness Using MITRE ATT&CK® will help you plan your next threat modeling session with actionable remediation efforts.

Information Security Compliance Template

Use this template to manage your information security compliance requirements.

Enterprise Threat Preparedness Workbook

Use the Enterprise Threat Preparedness Workbook to document your preparedness for each of the various attack tactics and techniques that an attacker may use. Choose the...

Webinar: Cost-Optimize Your Security Budget

An effective security budget is one that achieves the greatest amount of risk reduction for the least amount of money spent. During this session we will summarize how to...
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