Security Risk, Strategy & Governance

Identify Opportunities to Mature the Security Architecture – Phases 1-2

Organizations require an effective security architecture in order to connect security to the business. This blueprint demonstrates Info-Tech's approach to evaluating the...

Optimize Security Mitigation Effectiveness Using STRIDE – Phase 6: Implementation and Maintenance

This phase of the Optimize Security Mitigation Effectiveness will help you to create a prioritized action plan based on your assessment, and plan to reassess and maintain...

CISO Core Competency Evaluation Tool

Use this tool to identify which competencies are most important to your organization, and what your current proficiency is in each competency.

Data Protection Impact Assessment Tool

To enable effective execution of compliance to the GDPR, a Data Protection Impact Assessment should be completed for processing activities that put data subjects at risk.

Implement a Security Governance and Management Program – Phase 3: Manage Your Governance Framework

This phase of the blueprint, Implement a Security Governance and Management Program, will help you implement metrics and audit programs to ensure the continued success...

Resume Operations Information Security Pressure Analysis Tool

Use this tool in phase 1 of the Responsibly Resume IT Operations in the Office research to evaluate and better understand the organization's post-pandemic risk tolerance.

MSSP Selection Tool

This tool will rank managed security service providers (MSSPs) based on the variables selected in order to determine which MSSP is the most valuable to your organization.

Security Policy Hierarchy Diagram

Use this example diagram as a reference to help you categorize and structure your organization's security policies.

Close the InfoSec Skills Gap: Develop a Technical Skills Sourcing Plan – Phase 1: Identity Skill Needs for Target State

This phase of the blueprint will help you define your security initiative skill needs.

FBI Looking to Implement a Governance Risk Compliance Tool

The Department of Justice is looking to acquire a GRC tool for the Office of the CIO within the FBI’s Enterprise Information Security Section.
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