Security Risk, Strategy & Governance - Tools

AI Privacy Impact Assessment Tool

Leverage PIAs to empower your AI technology by integrating protection and management of personal data at scale.

Data Retention Schedule and Risk Identification Tool

Use this tool to determine your data retention schedule as well as high-risk data types and repositories

Data Retention RACI Tool

Complete this RACI matrix to determine your data retention roles and responsibilities.

Security Policy Assessment Tool

The Security Policy Assessment Tool helps your organization prioritize your policy suite based on Importance, Ease to Implement, and Ease to Enforce.

Cyber Insurance Controls Checklist

Use this tool to identify key security controls required by cyber insurance providers.

Data Loss Prevention Strategy Planner

This tool helps you to identify and prioritize your data types and cloud environments and decide appropriate data loss prevention settings to protect that data.

US Privacy Law Scope and Readiness Assessment Tool

This tool provides you with a checklist to start assessing the applicability and privacy compliance readiness level for the following privacy and data protection laws and...

Security Program Design Tool

The Security Program Design Tool will help you tailor the security program to what makes your organization unique to ensure business-alignment.

Security Program Implementation Tool

The Security Program Implementation Tool will help you assess the current state of different security program components and plan program improvements.

Security Governance Model Tool

This tool will help you determine governance and management accountabilities and responsibilities and use them to build a visual governance and management model.
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