Security Risk, Strategy & Governance - Tools

Information Security Requirements Gathering Tool

Use the Information Security Requirements Gathering Tool to identify the organizational goals and compliance obligations that shape your security strategy and define its...

Information Security Program Gap Analysis Tool

Use the Information Security Program Gap Analysis Tool to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the current state of your program and identify improvement initiatives...

Information Security Training Tool

Use this tool to determine your organization’s security training and awareness needs to begin building your training and awareness program.

Information Security Awareness and Training Appropriateness Tool

Use this tool to allow you to determine your organization's specific appropriateness for having a security awareness and training program.

Business Requirement Security Strategy Mapping Tool

Use this tool to map business and IT initiatives to specific security mitigation controls. This tool is a documentation and mapping support tool as part of your larger...

Security Governance and Management Metrics Tool

This tool will help you build a security metrics program.

Zero Trust Security Benefit Assessment Tool

This tool helps an organization identify the major benefits and drivers for adopting a zero trust security strategy.

Data Audit Scorecard

The Data Audit Scorecard identifies the areas in which the health of your data can be modified for improvement. Use this template to see where you fall short so you can...

Email Security Gateway Vendor Shortlist & Detailed Feature Analysis Tool

This worksheet allows enterprises to profile their email security gateway (ESG) requirements and generate a rank-ordered vendor shortlist from a fixed list of vendors....

Security Governance and Management Challenge Analysis Tool

Use this tool to help you organize and prioritize your current security governance and management challenges.
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