Security - Tools

Data Classification RACI Tool

Assign responsibilities to your data classification program.

Security Compliance Roadmap Tool

To close any existing security compliance gaps, focus on prioritizing gap initiatives and then creating a formal roadmap to ensure responsibility and timelines are...

Threat and Risk Assessment Tool

Use this tool to assess the threat and risk severity with any particular IT project or initiative.

Security Governance and Management Challenge Analysis Tool

Use this tool to help you organize and prioritize your current security governance and management challenges.

Security Operations TCO & ROI Comparison Calculator

Use this TCO and ROI calculator to compare costs and benefits when examining various security operations initiative solutions.

Risk Costing Tool

It’s impossible to make intelligent decisions about risks without knowing what they’re worth. Use Info-Tech’s Risk Costing Tool to calculate the expected cost of IT’s...


Assign responsibilities and deadlines for the GDPR compliance process.

Data Retention Schedule Tool – GDPR

Use this tool to dynamically document all data that is retained by the organization, how long it will be stored, and other details.

Privacy Framework Tool

This tool provides you with a privacy framework that can be used to structure your program. In addition, it provides prioritization activities to help build your roadmap.

Privacy Analysis by Business Unit Tool

This tool provides a condensed privacy framework that focuses on tactical areas that affect business units.
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