Customer/Sponsor Project Status Meeting Template

This template is used to outline key activities and outcomes of the status meeting. This helps project team members and stakeholders keep track of the project progress.

Run-Grow…Appease: Whither the Ideal Portfolio Mix?

There is no archetypal portfolio mix that all project portfolios should strive toward.

Prepare to Successfully Deploy PPM Software – Phases 1-4

This storyboard will help you prepare for the successful deployment of a new PPM suite at your organization. By carefully preparing relevant PPM data and fully defining...

PPM Executive Dashboard Template

This template provides a working example of a PPM Executive dashboard. Replace the example information and visuals with your own data and visuals and create an easy to...

PMO Capability Assessment Tool

This tool will help you build a set of capabilities that together deliver the maximum value back to the organization.

Comprehensive Business Case Template

Use the Comprehensive Business Case Template for requests that require more rigorous business case development.

Refine Your Estimation Practices With Top-Down Allocations – Phases 1-3

This storyboard will help you improve the accuracy of your early estimates using top-down allocations and analogous estimation principles.

PPM Solution Requirements Gathering Tool

Use this tool to record and organize your business and technical requirements for a PPM solution.

Project Backlog Management Tool

Use our Project Backlog Management Tool to monitor the project backlog and provide executive visibility into the current status of backlog items.

Right-Size Project Management for Infrastructure and Operations – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand why project management best practices are often ill fitted to the needs of Infrastructure and to discover how Info-Tech's approach...
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