Grow Your Own PPM Solution – Phase 2: Meet Portfolio Manager 2017

This phase of the blueprint, Grow Your Own PPM Solution, will help you learn how to use Info-Tech's Portfolio Manager 2017 workbook.

Risk Management Workbook

This workbook is used to create the project's risk management plan to mitigate or eliminate potential risks, and track each risk item during project execution.

Post-Mortem Review Template

The Post-Mortem Review Template is used to assess the project's success by reviewing major aspects of the project execution process and the final deliverables. Lessons...

Transition Team Communications Template

Use the Transition Team Communications Template to capture and communicate the what, where, when, how, and whom of an organizational change initiative.

PPM Dashboard and Reporting Audit Worksheets

These templates are designed to support the PPM Dashboard and Report Audit Workbook. Use this form to gather information at group sessions or workshops so that it can be...

Deliver Project Value With a Benefits Legitimacy Initiative – Phase 3: Close the Deal on Project Benefits

This phase of the blueprint, Deliver Project Value With a Benefits Legitimacy Initiative, will help you establish post-project benefits tracking and reporting processes.

Mixed Methodology Portfolio Analyzer

Use this tool to gather and analyze data on the current state of your mixed methodology portfolio.

Select and Implement a PPM Solution – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand why it is important to carefully plan out the project portfolio management (PPM) solution selection and implementation process....

Tame the Project Backlog – Executive Brief

This executive brief will help you gain buy-in for implementing more disciplined project backlog management processes.

Resource Management Playbook

Use this template to record your resource management strategy including the standard operating procedures for the process that implements the strategy.
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