Project Stakeholder and Impact Assessment Tool

Use this tool to identify project stakeholders and the impact that the project will have on them, as well as the reaction you expect to receive from the stakeholders.

PPM Deployment Dashboard and Report Requirements Workbook

This workbook allows you to record the functional requirements for your PPM dashboard and reporting.

Project Value Scorecard Development Tool

Use this tool to help you develop a prototype for a scorecard to determine project value.

Project Benefits Documentation Workbook

This tool should be used to document a project's expected benefits before it is initiated, and make adjustments to benefit metrics and targets as changes are made to the...

PPM Suite Training Management Tool

This tool can help you keep track of training progress leading up to, during, and after the deployment of your new PPM suite. This tool allows you to identify where to...

Proposed Project Technology Assessment Tool

Use this tool to conduct a high-level analysis of a technology's readiness for adoption based on your organization's needs.

Intake and Prioritization Impact Analysis Tool

Use the Intake and Prioritization Impact Analysis Tool to analyze the effects of project intake process change across the organization, and to assess the likelihood of...

Project Level Selection Tool

Use this tool to classify your projects into four levels, enabling you to evaluate the risk and complexity of a particular project and match it with an appropriate...

PPM Solution Evaluation & RFP Scoring Tool

Use this tool to record, consolidate, compare, and evaluate the evaluation criteria for each PPM solution and vendor.

Project Backlog Management Tool

Use our Project Backlog Management Tool to monitor the project backlog and provide executive visibility into the current status of backlog items.
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