Project & Portfolio Management

Audit Glossary of Terms

Read and understand the glossary of terms before completing the activities in phase 1 of this blueprint.

Optimize Project Intake, Approval, and Prioritization – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand how Info-Tech’s intake, approval, and prioritization methodology systemically enables you to approve and undertake only the right...

Develop a Project Portfolio Management Strategy – Phase 2: Align PPM Processes to Your Strategic Goals

This phase of the blueprint, Develop a PPM Strategy, will help you align the PPM processes that make up the infrastructure around projects with your PPM strategy.

Workfront Acquires Atiim to Shine Light on Strategic Alignment

Workfront recently announced its acquisition of Atiim, a leading OKR (Objectives and Key Results) vendor. It plans to offer an integrated tool set called Workfront Goals...

Frontline Manager Change Management Training Template

Use this manager training deck to prepare frontline managers and supervisors to lead through change

Full-Form Business Case Presentation Template

Use this template to compile all essential elements of the business case in a presentable format.

T-Shirt Sizing Health Check Lite

Use this tool to evaluate your estimation capabilities if you lack access to a comprehensive project history. Estimate the health of past estimates to start new projects...

Select and Implement a PPM Solution – Phase 1: Launch the PPM Solution Project and Collect Requirements

This phase of the blueprint, Launch the PPM Solution Project and Collect Requirements, will help you understand what PPM solutions are, create a selection and...

Drive Efficiency and Agility with a Fit-for-Purpose Quality Management Program – Phase 1: Position the Quality Program

Hold a positioning working session to focus the program around business needs, create solid targets, and create quality champions to get the job done.

Improve Employee Engagement to Drive IT Performance – Phase 1: Measure Employee Engagement

This phase of the blueprint will help you select the employee engagement survey that is right for you, launch the survey, and review the results.
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