Project & Portfolio Management

Lay the Foundations for Project Portfolio Management Storyboard

Use this blueprint to establish key practices in project portfolio management, project management, and organizational change management.

Project Portfolio Supply-Demand Analysis Tool

Use this tool to estimate current project capacity by determining the time dedicated to project versus non-project work. By estimating the number of projects in demand,...

Project Portfolio Book of Record

Use this tool to compile a list of all existing projects. Determine the necessary criteria to track and use the book of record to help leadership make decisions around...

Organizational Change Management Triage Tool

Use this tool as part of your ongoing project processes to gauge the viability and the organizational change management efforts required for a project.

PPM Wireframe

Use this tool to help you action next steps determined to improve the current state of you PPM process.

Project Portfolio Management Foundations Stakeholder Communication Deck

Use this template to construct a debrief for stakeholders around foundational changes to your PPM processes.

Prepare Your Project Portfolio for Post-Pandemic Pressure

Project management offices lost visibility in the scramble to react to COVID-19, and when the dust settles, many will be ill-prepared for the intense focus on...

Project Management During COVID-19: Iterative Approaches to Planning and Execution, Frequent Status Reports, and Diligent Stakeholder Analysis

Managing new roadblocks, disparate team members, and responding to new budget and resource constraints should be reflected in your project management processes. This...

Freezing Projects for COVID-19

Watch this video to understand how and when to freeze projects during a pandemic.

Responsibly Resume IT Operations in the Office

As the post-pandemic landscape begins to take shape, ensure that IT can effectively prepare and support your employees as they move back into the office. Once the office...
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